Elburn Hill Church Pillars Commitment

Since abiding in Christ calls for activities that promote spiritual growth, I will reduce the time and energy given to other pursuits, including ambitions and recreations, in order to:

1.  Prayer: I make priority time to pray—alone daily, with others weekly—practicing Christ’s presence the rest of the time Daily Assessment: Did I make time to be alone with Christ today? Did I pray with others?

2.   Bible: I make time for systematic Bible reading and spiritual study. Daily Assessment: How much time did I spend reading the Bible? What do I need to study?

3.  Family: I devote time to loving my spouse and children in ways they understand. Daily Assessment: Did I express my love so that my spouse and children felt it?

4.  Worship: I keep sacred Sunday morning worship, scheduling my life as far as possible so as not to miss it, coming prepared to encourage. Daily Assessment: Did I prepare myself to be an encouragement at worship service this week?

5.  Generosity: I systematically give to God’s kingdom and hurting people, confessing life rests on God’s provision not my resources. Daily Assessment: Did I receive money today and set aside God’s part?

6.  Service: I employ my life through Christ’s power to serve church, community, and creation in fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission. Daily Assessment: How have I served today with God’s power?

7.  Obedience: By faith, I obey what God has said in the Bible and what is confirmed the Holy Spirit is asking of me. Daily Assessment: What do I know that I have not yet obeyed?

8.  Unity: I admit wrong and make restitution with anyone I hurt. I refuse to engage in gossip or actions that demean people. Daily Assessment: Have I wronged anyone through actions or gossip?

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